What you’ll find here

So what does life look like for the girl who dared, and more importantly, why should you care?

For work, I teach.

For fun, I CrossFit, cook, bake, play a bit of cello, hangout at church, and read books (Don’t worry – I also watch Netflix, lie on my couch and scroll through social media). If it’s nice outside, you’ll find me in my garden.

I surround myself with friends and family I love, and like to spend as much time laughing with and learning from them as I can.

What will you find on the girl who dared? Stories and lessons from my daring life. A good mix of gym things, food things, and life things; sprinkled with a hefty dose of laughs and bad puns.

This is not a CrossFit blog. This is not a cooking blog. If you want one of those, there are thousands of options for you.

This is a life blog.

Follow along as I live my life, dare greatly, make mistakes, and learn and laugh my way through them.