Forget me nots and Dandelions

There are so IMG_7378many things I love about spring. I love the freshness and promise of new life. I love going outside and discovering new things popping up each day. I love that I have a backyard that will be in bloom in some way from now until the frost hits.

I do not love weeds so much. But if you are going to have the flowers, you have to take the weeds with them. You don’t get the forget me nots without the dandelions.

This picture I snapped out back is the perfect metaphor for life, particularly my own this past week. To say it’s been an emotional rollercoaster is putting it mildly. I received news that had me so excited that I was practically giddy. And the following day I heard news that is not at all what I had hoped for, and left me beyond disappointed, shaking my head and asking why – my own personal forget me nots and dandelions.

As nice as it might seem, life can’t always be a bed of roses (or forget me nots). But it’s the beauty of those moments that make the times when dandelions seem to take over that much more bearable. And if we never had dandelions, would the forget me nots seem as beautiful?

When the dandelions take over, we can make a choice…

A choice to feel sorry for ourselves and become stuck, or to keep putting one foot in front of the other and move forward, painful and slow as it might be.

A choice to feel isolated and lonely, or stop and look around at the people surrounding us, to be vulnerable and reach out for help and be really, truly grateful.

A choice to long for the pain and hard times to be over right away, instead of looking for the lesson to be learned in moving through them.

A choice to linger in anger and ask why, or to trust and believe that, no matter what, God really is good.

These choices are not easy. I don’t always take the high road. And sometimes making these choices seems impossible. But if we want to enjoy the flowers, we have to put in the hard work when the weeds come. Just ask any gardener.

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