I love stories. All kinds of stories. Long ones. Short ones. Funny ones. Sad ones. Crazy ones. I love hearing them, I love telling them, and, most importantly; I love living them.

But why share your story? I ask myself this question all the time before I sit down to write. After all, I’m not really anyone special. There are a thousand things that make my story just like anyone else’s. Am I just wasting my time writing, and your time as a reader?

My life, in many ways, is perfectly ordinary and unremarkable.

And that’s precisely why it’s worth sharing. Because my story is not a perfectly polished narrative. It doesn’t involve breathtaking feats of bravery. No one gets rescued or swept off her feet. The protagonist isn’t an heiress, royalty or supermodel.

My story is about a girl. A girl who is probably a lot like someone you know. A girl who’s afraid to be vulnerable. A girl who spent a lot of time not knowing who she was. A girl who is striving and chasing a lot of the same things you probably are. A girl who is finding her way in the world, one step at a time, through trial and a whole lot of error.

Happily ever after? An elusive goal. The girl in my story doesn’t get it handed to her. But that doesn’t mean she’s not happy. In fact, in many ways, she’s a lot happier than she ever thought possible. But that’s because she worked hard to get where she is. She took chances, made changes, and dared to go after and build the life she loves.

This girl didn’t get the life she thought she always wanted. And she’s finding out that that’s ok. That sometimes the life you want isn’t the life you need. And the life that you’re living is infinitely better than anything you could have dreamed of.

You know what make the best kinds of stories? The real ones. The ones that don’t gloss over the low points, the missteps, the ugly bits. The stories that show it all, that don’t necessarily wrap up neatly into a nice little happy ending. The stories that are left undone, to be continued, the stories that are unfolding around us every minute.

The stories that feature a perfectly imperfect heroine. One who doesn’t have it all figured out, but does her darnedest to do the best she can. A heroine who’s sometimes winning, sometimes barely scraping by.

My story is important because it is mine. It is equal parts ordinary and extraordinary. But only I have lived it, and only I can tell it. So that’s what I’m daring to do. I challenge you to do the same. Don’t wait until your story is over to share it with others. And stay tuned here for more of mine.

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